Pesticide Free Fruits from Winters, CA

1.  Grow our fruit using organic practices because we believe it is in the best interest of good health.


2.  To provide bulk organic fruit at a fair price to help canners, and large families/groups (etc.), get high quality nutrition.

3.  Make a small footprint by using containers that can be recycled, or having customers provide their own containers.


4.  Educate others about the numerous health benefits and anti-cancer properties that many of our fruits are said to provide. 


5.  Donate fruit to food banks and other non-profits in need of healthy options for their clientele.

6.  One goal is to open our farm up for an occasional "Farm Day".  You will be able to bring the family and see where and how our fruit is grown, and how it taste right from the tree.    We follow strict food safety guidelines to provide you with the safest fruits, and once we can make sure we can fulfill the requirements with visitors, then we will let you know.

7.  Farming is a labor of love, not our livelihood, and we plan to keep it small and personal.  What we earn in sales goes back into the farm. 

8.  Work hard, as long as we can love and enjoy what we are doing, or as my husband says; as long as he can withstand my craziness.