Pesticide Free Fruits from Winters, CA

How We Got Started

This property, which had been foreclosed and sold at auction to an investment company, had been on the market for over a year when I just happened along.  A medical professional who commuted 70 miles to work, knew nothing about farming, not even a green thumb, single mom of 2 young adults, and closing in on 60 years of life.  It was love at first sight.  The house, an unusual newer home in the country, needed little to settle in, but the 5 acre orchard and 15 acre back field had had no care in over 3 years. The boundaries of the property were only visible from the 2nd story due to the overgrowth of weeds.  That aside, the peace and vistas of sunrises over the Sierras and sunsets over the Blue Ridge Mountains (Capay) are worth all the sweat, hard work, money, and love. Friends helped me buy my first tractor and neighbors, fellow farmers, UC Extension personnel, and many more helped me learn how to connect up drip irrigation to start to water and care for a fruit orchard that I had no idea what it contained.  359 trees, out of probably 400, have survived and seem to produce 11 kinds of fruit, some with several varieties and most still unknown.


In 2014, a retired CAL Fireman came into my life, thanks to my dog and my tractor.  We married in 2015 and I was able to retire and become a full time farmer (what was I thinking). J  The farm saw many improvements that year and since both the orchard and both of us were getting second chances, we decided on the name, New Beginnings Organic Farm.